Primary School 2

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Welcome to our school
We hope you enjoy your visit to our website; here you will find out all about St. Sennan's N.S. Whether you are new to the school and want to find out about us, or are the parent of one of our pupils, we hope you will find the information you need about our school.

And if you are attending our school already, there are even activities and thing to see for you!

Note: this is a sample website; however, it is fully functional so please look around.

The menu on the left will allow you to see a example of how our school website could be configured. In reality, the structure and content is entirely up to you, you could:

* display examples of student's work, and change them
every week or month
* use you site as a portal for your teachers to log in to
Promethean World or other resources
* have resources, games, even a Virtual Learning
Environment (what's this?) for your school's students to log

Remember - your school could have a site like this for just 90!
And what's more, it could be up and running in 1 week!

To find out more about how your school can get a website like this, contact Ennisoft |

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