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Ennisoft Solutions has produced a financial recording software package which is geared specifically to Irish parishes.

Based around the premise that charitable donations above a certain threshold generate tax relief, this software records the level of donations from each parishioner household, and individual statements are easily produced for all households at the end of each year.

Foremost in the design of this system is ease-of-use; anybody can enter donation information regardless of their level of technical skills.

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Parish Account Manager
I input funds yesterday, and they were saved alright. However it is now telling me Parish Account Manager has stopped working.
When do I have to create Fund entries?

Fund entries in Parish Account Manager are created for each accounting year. They can be created at any time, whether or not you have finished entering envelope donations for the previous year.

For this reason, it is useful to add the year onto the end of the Fund Name, e.g. "Priests' Collection 2010", so providing a visual reminder of the year you are dealing with.

If you are creating Fund entries for a future year, make sure that the Accounting Period indicator on the main program page is set to the correct year.