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While retaining widely popular features like the inclusion of Backup with a secure 5GB online drive and direct 24/7 access to BullGuard's skilled support team, Version 8.5 incorporates new additions like a higher update frequency, an improved Firewall and an optimized Spamfilter engine.

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Give viruses no chance

  • Security updates every 2 hours NEW
  • Web filtering for proactive website scanning NEW
  • Increased rootkit detection capabilities NEW

Keep your data personal

  • Ensures your online identity is protected
  • Locates and removes all known spyware and adware
  • Cleans files, registry keys and cookies

Protect your PC from intruders

  • New Firewall giving you faster system speed NEW
  • Prevents hacker attacks and keeps you safe
  • 2-way Firewall protection

Keep your inbox clean

  • New filters for improved Spamfilter performance NEW
  • Improved phishing protection NEW
  • Complete integration with Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows Mail

Easily secure your important files

  • Free secure 5 GigaByte online backup drive
  • Encrypted file transfer and storage
  • Access your online files from any computer

Free support when you need it

  • 24/7 personal assistance through email and live-chat
  • 2-click support access
  • Give BullGuard's support team temporary access to your computer

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