Ennisoft Solutions


Price: €69.99


  • 1,500 customizable templates
  • Online shops with credit card facilities
  • Blogs, guestbooks and RSS feeds
  • Email forms with anti-spam filters
  • User access management and members' areas
  • Database integration
  • Buttons and boxes for social apps
  • Mobile support + dedicated templates
  • Photo galleries with Touch support
  • Zoom and wide-angle photos
  • Advert managemenT
  • Multi-language websites
  • FTP engine in multi-connection
  • SEO (optimization) features

A Website in 5 steps
The WebSite X5 secret is that no programming skills are required: all you need is a mouse!

You can create and add all the pages you want, add all kinds of content and use all the advanced features you need: you work with an intuitive fully-visual interface, and it just takes a few clicks to create product lists, blogs, contact
forms, photo galleries or any other content and have them all up and running perfectly straight away.

You concentrate on the results: WebSite X5 takes care of all the technical aspects, guaranteeing websites that are
optimized for search engines, are fully compatible with all the major browsers and can be used with no problem
on tablets and smartphones.

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